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malachi moxon


carmen barry

malachi moxon is about to go. He stands and releases the clasp on his helmet, removes his bicycle from its street-side lean and looks down towards the table. “Where would I ride in an empty city with no cars on a perfect day?” he repeats, pausing for a minute to think. “Wherever I want,” he says, and then smiles and takes off into the passing traffic.

carmen barry smiles as she tells her cycling story. She always rode bikes as a kid but it wasn’t until a freak accident that buckled her knee did she truly appreciate her love for the past time she says “looks after both her body and mind”. To this end, she is also a Pilates instructor, another activity she fell in love with when rehab was needed.

so together malachi and carmen have created northside Locals, bringing their love for life on and off the bike.